Should You Hold A Wake At Home Or At The Funeral Home?

While the actual funeral or memorial service gets most of the attention when planning final arrangements, other components can be just as important. One of these is the wake or visitation of the family. 

A funeral wake is a less formal opportunity to console grieving family and friends as well as to celebrate the life of the deceased. It may be held anywhere, although many wakes are held at the family's home. Should yours be? Or should you arrange for it to happen at the funeral parlor? Here are a few reasons to choose each.

When to Hold a Wake at Home

Does the surviving family or the estate need to stick to a budget? It may seem unsavory to think too much about money right now, but the last thing your loved one would have wanted was to put anyone into debt or leave no inheritance due to a lavish sendoff. 

Home wakes are generally the most economical choice as you don't have to pay the funeral home staff or rent their venue. In addition, some families find a home-based wake to be more personal and comforting. You're in your private space and can grieve with friends in private. 

When to Hold a Wake at the Funeral Home

One of the most important aspects of working with a funeral home is having the help of trained and experienced staff. Just as they handled and guided you through many of the decisions and arrangements for the remains and funeral, they can guide you through this.

Wakes can be held at any location, including favorite pubs or banquet rooms. However, even though staff there may be trained in serving and catering, they don't have the experience with death that funeral home staff do. 

Families who aren't emotionally or physically up to the job of hosting a large gathering do well to use the services of those who are prepared to do it. Similarly, assess whether or not you actually have the space to accommodate a large group of mourners. 

Where to Start

The right location for your wake or visitation is key to it providing the comfort that it should. Start by learning more about the options and assistance your local funeral home can provide. No matter which route you choose, you'll make the best and most informed decision for the good of your family, friends, and the memory of your loved one.

For more information, reach out to a local funeral home.

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