What To Expect After The Death Of A Loved One

After your loved one has passed away and you are planning a funeral, you might wonder about the steps you will need to follow to carry out the funeral. For example, you might wonder when you will have access to the remains. While each situation is different, there are several things you can expect.

The Release of the Remains

Coroners and medical professionals may need to intervene initially. However, after this has been completed, the remains are released from the funeral home or crematory. At this point, you will need to decide which funeral home the remains will be sent to.

In some cases, the hospital will choose a funeral home temporarily and you will then be able to move your loved one to a different funeral home of your choosing. This gives you the opportunity to shop around so that you can find a funeral home that is much more affordable. 

Transporting the Remains

The remains should only be transported from one funeral home to another by professionals because there are laws regarding how remains can be transported. The storage fees are paid for by the family of the deceased. 

Burying Your Loved One

You have the option of having your loved one buried very quickly. However, if you would like to postpone the burial so you can have time to arrange for the funeral, there are many methods that can be used to preserve the body such as refrigeration and embalming. However, it becomes more expensive the longer you wait before the funeral and burial.

Planning the Funeral

You will select the date of the funeral and will then begin planning it. At this point, you are free to decide how you will plan your funeral and this can be based on your budget, your culture, your religion, and a variety of other factors.

It's best to plan for a funeral far in advance and to prepay for the funeral. The upside of prepaying is that you may be able to save money. However, the downside is that your situation might change in the future. 

Choosing a Package

You might be able to save money by purchasing a package that is offered by a funeral home. Make sure to ask about all of the features that are offered by a particular package such as a gravestone and a cemetery plot. A particular package might not include everything but it 

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