3 Services You May Not Realize Funeral Homes Have To Offer

After a loved one passes away, visiting a funeral home in order to arrange their funeral and burial services is virtually second nature. However, this is often the only time that people stop to think about the services that funeral homes have to offer. Consequently, it is quite common for people to overlook some of the other services that funeral homes do. Below you can learn more about three of these commonly overlooked services.

#1: Preplanned Funeral Services

Most funeral services are not planned until after an individual has already passed away. However, there is no need to wait until you are in need of these services to plan and pay for a funeral. In fact, there are several benefits that come along with choosing to preplan a funeral service. For instance, preplanning a funeral will allow you to take advantage of discounted rates and pay for these services over the course of time. A preplanned funeral also allows family members to focus on the grieving process when a loved one passes away rather than needing to worry about planning and paying for a funeral. 

#2: Memorial and Remembrance Services

Many people like to honor the memory of a deceased loved one each year on the anniversary of the day they died. Funeral homes can help with this type of celebration through their memorial and remembrance services. While these services will vary from one funeral home to the next, balloon and butterfly release ceremonies are common ways in which funeral homes help families celebrate the memory of their loved ones.

#3: Online Services

Technology really is king in today's society. That is why more and more funeral homes are now offering different online services to help families through the grieving process. These services often include live feeds from on-site funerals so that individuals who are not able to attend in person are still able to share in the grieving process with their families. These streaming services have become increasingly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic as it has not always been safe for large groups to come together in order to say their final goodbyes to a loved one. 

Another common online service is a virtual guestbook. This virtual guestbook allows individuals to leave a personal message for the family, share a story about the deceased, or simply leave behind their name so that others know they care. In many cases, these guestbooks will be available for an extended period of time after the funeral service so that everyone has ample time to pass along their sympathy to the family. 

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