3 Funeral Services You May Want To Use

When you are planning for a funeral or making end-of-life decisions, one of the things that you can do is to talk to a funeral director at a funeral home. There are several reasons to do this. One of them is that they can tell you what kinds of services their particular funeral home offers. If you aren't sure what kind of funeral or burial you'd like to have, a funeral home director can talk to you, ask you some questions, and help you figure out what you would like to happen. What are some of the funeral or burial services that you can choose from? 

Graveside Services

One of the services that you can take advantage of is a graveside funeral. Many people who are getting buried choose to have some kind of graveside service, even if it's only family and friends seeing the coffin to the grave and saying a few last words. But, instead of having a funeral at the funeral home or at a church, you can choose to have the whole thing done at the graveside. That means that all the involved friends and family would only need to come to one place. If you want to have a very short service, this can be a really good choice. 


Not everyone wants to get buried. Some people choose to be cremated, and then have their ashes either returned to family and friends or handled in some other way, which could also include being placed in a specialized crypt at a cemetery. Cremations are generally less expensive than burial, and if you want to have a memorial service at a later date, a cremation can make that easier, because storing ashes is easier than storing a body. 

Green Burial

Not all funeral homes offer these services, so if you want to have a green burial, then you need to make sure to check with the funeral home. A green burial can include things like no embalming, no vault, or even things like wicker coffins, since they will break down faster. Wicker or other green coffin choices also tend to be more environmentally friendly and don't use as many resources in their manufacture. 

When it's time to make decisions about funerals or end-of-life choices, you want to make sure that you have the most information possible. One way to do that is to go to various funeral homes and talk to funeral directors until you find the one that will fit best for you. 

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