Struggling With Questions About Cemetery Headstones? Tips To Ease The Selection Process

Losing a loved one is a stressful season of life that presents many challenges for the immediate family. One of the first of these challenges is the need to make decisions for the final needs of the deceased, even while feelings of shock, loss, and grief descend. 

While the basic plans regarding final needs are made, family members are still faced with making decisions that, while important, are difficult to focus on at the time of the death. Decisions about the cemetery headstone are a good example of a necessary detail that can seem somewhat surreal during the initial planning process. 

If your family is dealing with this type of recent loss, the following tips can help make the cemetery selection process less stressful while also helping to ensure that the stone you select will be a fitting tribute to honor your loved one's memory. 

Verify existing regulations 

Before beginning to consider materials and designs, it will be necessary to find out if there are any existing regulations regarding the headstone at the place where the interment will take place. Many cemeteries have regulations for size, height, and design to ease landscaping chores or to help present a uniform appearance.

A trusted funeral director or gravestone monument maker is likely to have this information on file for local cemeteries or will be able to help bereaved families find the information they need.  

Consider the impact of age and weather

Another important tip for making it easier to select the right cemetery headstone is to consider the potential impact of age and weather before choosing the type of stone, inscriptions, and overall design. In many cases, selecting a simple design will provide a more lastingly beautiful monument than one with very intricate carvings and lengthy inscriptions that can become discolored or difficult to read as time passes. 

The monument maker can provide more information about the types of stone available, ease of inscription, and how each type reacts to the effects of weather and age.

Discuss the budget with the monument maker

Family members who are dealing with feelings of loss and sadness can find it difficult to think about financial matters, but it is important for them to do so.

A good way to ensure that the cemetery headstone you select will be affordable is to discuss the total cost with the monument maker and have them help you set a firm budget for the project. By doing this, the monument maker will be able to help offer guidance to ensure that the finished, installed cemetery headstone will offer comfort while honoring your lost loved one.  

To learn more information about cemetery headstones, reach out to a professional near you.

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