Funeral Planning and Your Flower Arrangements

If you are currently planning for your own funeral, then you may be overwhelmed about all of your choices, especially if you have very little experience with funeral planning. If this is true, then you should know that you need to do things like pick out your flower arrangements. There are some tips that can help you in making a good choice. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Understand the Different Arrangements

Flowers are purchased as specific types of arrangements when it comes to a funeral. The arrangements are fairly standard and include bouquets, standing sprays, and casket sprays. Bouquets are traditional flower arrangements. However, unlike flowers that you would place in a vase, they come in baskets. The baskets are made from cardboard, plastic, or woven materials to ensure they are lightweight, as they are meant to be moved around. 

Standing sprays are flower arrangements placed on small metal easels. They are meant to sit high off the ground and serve as display pieces that sit near the casket during the funeral ceremony. The sprays are arranged like flower sculptures without a traditional pot or basket, and foam is often used to keep the flowers moist. 

The casket spray is similar to the standing spray. Instead of an easel, the larger arrangement is placed directly in the middle of the casket and stays there for viewings and services. 

The different types of flower arrangements are usually placed on the grave as they are quite large, so if you do want your loved ones to take flowers home or to donate them, then consider something for more general use instead of a spray.

Look At the Flower Options

There are many different types of flowers that you can choose for your arrangements. White flowers are popular and represent peace and innocence, and lilies and chrysanthemums are two common varieties. White orchids are an option too and have long been used to express sympathy for the death of a loved one. In addition to white, these flowers can also be purchased in yellow and pink, and some may also come in orange.  

Roses are a classic choice as well and are beautiful when mixed with carnations. Long-stem roses are available too if your loved ones want to place them on the grave during the burial.

Keep in mind that flowers vary greatly in terms of costs and will increase a great deal if they are not in season. For this reason, it is sometimes wise to pick different flower arrangements based on the season or to simply set a budget for arrangements based on the flowers you like best.

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