Are You Planning Your Own Cremation Funeral?

Even if you are a healthy and very young person, you might be the type of individual who wants to plan ahead for all circumstances. This might even include planning your own funeral. And, if you have decided that you want to be cremated, planning your own funeral might take a different slant on your planning. From arranging for a display of things that represent your life to planning the music, here are some ideas on how to plan your own cremation funeral:

The Display -

Remember that funerals can be a time of healing and a time of honoring the deceased person. One thing that might happen to people who don't know much about cremation is that they are disturbed by not having a body present. Without a body, how can they express love and how can they say goodbye? One way that your very presence can be felt is with a display of things that are special to you. There's a certain connection that is often made when people see tangible objects that belonged to somebody. 

  • Ask somebody to make a collage of pictures of you from the time you were born to present time.
  • That same person will more than likely know you well enough to select other tangible objects for you.
  • For example, ask that person to display things like awards and trophies you have earned during your life.
  • Include things that represent your interests, like artwork or woodwork you have created yourself.

The Service - 

Part of the reason for having a funeral service after your cremation is for those who attend to feel your presence. Think of things that can remind your loved ones of you. Think of people who you want to take part in your funeral service.

  • Think of keeping a journal that will be easily accessible to the people who will speak.
  • Consider putting information like your birthdate and the place of your birth in a special folder.
  • Another idea is for you to write a letter that expresses love and appreciation to those in attendance.
  • Select music that means something to you, whether it is instrumental or whether it is congregational hymns.

Be sure to show somebody close to you where you have kept important papers and other information that will be needed at the time your funeral is being planned. And, if you have paid for the cremation services, be sure to include the paperwork from the funeral home.


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