How To Plan A Funeral Service When Somebody Has Been Cremated

Are you planning a funeral for somebody who was cremated? Perhaps a beloved family member or a dear friend has passed away and you are the person who is in charge of taking care of the funeral service. If so, from selecting the music to arranging for the spoken word, here are some ideas on how to plan a service that is dignified and memorable:

The Spoken Word - Before the deceased passed away did he or she leave specific ideas that he or she wanted to be done at the funeral service? If so, of course, you will want to honor those wishes. If not, then work with those closest to the deceased person to find out what would be best to include in the spoken word part of the program:

  • The words that are spoken at the funeral service are obviously very important. Those words might bring comfort and healing to the individuals who loved the deceased person. 
  • If you are in charge of asking people to speak, be sure to have information on them that will help them to give an interesting account of the deceased person's life.
  • One idea is to ask the children and the grandchildren to tell of special times that were spent with the person who has passed away.
  • Have a box of tissues and a pitcher of water, along with drinking glasses, at the podium in case the speakers need them. After all, this might be a very emotional time for anybody who is called on to speak.

The Music - The music that is selected for the funeral service can definitely add a sweet feeling of comfort.

  • If the deceased person was religious, hymns would be a very good choice for the music. 
  • How Great Thou Art for the opening song would be perfect.
  • For the closing song, consider Til We Meet Again or 'Tis Eventide.
  • Whether the person was religious or not, instrumental music is very appropriate. 

Think of playing a video of the deceased person's life for part of the funeral service. Or, play it continuously during the time people are having light refreshments after the funeral service. It would also be nice to have a display of objects that represent the deceased person's life. Consider having somebody close to him or her be in charge of arranging the display and of taking it up when it's the funeral is over.

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