Finding A Funeral Officiant: Four Helpful Tips

Whether your loved one wasn't religious or you don't have a member of the clergy who can officiate the funeral, you may be wondering how to find an officiant. With the help of your funeral director and these tips, you can find the right person to give your friend or relative a touching service.

Ask The Funeral Home Director

Funeral home directors are often called upon to help with funeral services, and they have the experience needed to provide a calm, reassuring voice to you and the other mourners. Discuss this possibility when you make the other funeral arrangements, and see if the funeral home offers any additional services you can use. In some cases, the funeral home may employ a soloist or organ/piano player to perform at the services.

Invite A Loved One

Asking a loved one to officiate the funeral can be a touching honor, and it provides a familiar face at the services. He or she can lead the group in a simple prayer before eulogies are performed, or this person might perform the eulogy as well. Be sure to ask in advance instead of surprising someone on the day of the funeral, as some people may have difficulty with public speaking.

Hire A Minister

In some cases, you may feel more comfortable with a minister or other type of religious leader, even if he or she isn't familiar with the dearly departed. You can work with a local church, or you can contact a local religious college to partner with a theology student or professor. Arrange to meet with this person in advance to discuss your loved one, as this will help to ensure a more personal funeral service.

Go Without An Officiant

You don't necessarily need to have an officiant at the funeral service. If you prefer, you can simply ask the funeral home director to announce when the services begin and introduce any people reading eulogies. If your family simply can't agree on who should officiate the funeral, this may be a viable option for you.

Your funeral home director can help you to find a religious leader to host the services, and he or she can also help you to find musical performers and other speakers to make the funeral services special. Discuss your loved one's religious beliefs and final wishes to ensure you have the right people in place on the day of the funeral.

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