Favor Simplicity When Preplanning Your Funeral? You May Appreciate Cremation

If you're pre-planning your funeral arrangements and you're the type of person who appreciates simplicity, you'll likely want to keep things as straightforward as possible. While funeral arrangements have the potential to get extremely complicated, they don't have to be this way. Those who favor simplicity will want to strongly consider cremation. Although there are still several important decisions related to cremation that you'll have to make, the entire process can be simpler than if you were to opt for a burial. Here are some reasons that cremation has a high degree of simplicity.

No Casket-Related Decisions

If you decide that you want a traditional burial, there will be many big decisions to make about the casket. For example, you'll not only need to decide what type of casket you want your body to be placed in, but also whether you want the casket to be open or closed at your visitation and funeral. And, if you opt for an open casket, you'll need to think about the outfit that you wish to be laid out in. Conversely, when you opt for cremation, you simply request to be cremated and have your remains placed in an urn and given to your immediate family.

Flexibility Regarding The Service

A traditional funeral service can be a lot to plan. In addition to deciding where the service will be held, you'll also need to cover a long list of topics, including who will give the eulogy, who will serve as pallbearers, the overall structure of the service, and more. While some people may favor making each of these decisions to ensure that their service goes exactly the way they want, this won't be the case if you favor simplicity. In this case, you can simply have an informal memorial service well after your death — many people who opt for cremation take this approach.

No Worries About A Headstone

Someone who is pre-planning a burial will need to give thought to the headstone that he or she wants. In many cases, you'll need to browse through several sizes, colors, and styles, as well as decide what wording you wish to be engraved on the headstone. If you appreciate simplicity, the idea of going to this effort — and paying for the headstone — might be less than appealing for you. Instead, you can opt for a simple urn and leave instructions on how your family should deal with your cremated remains.

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