How To Plan A Child's Funeral

Whether the funeral you are planning is for your own child or for somebody else's child, you are faced with a difficult challenge. However, if you focus on the fact that you are bringing a sense of healing to the child's loved ones, including yourself, you may find that planning the funeral will become a great blessing to you. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan something sweet and memorable:

As you make the funeral plans, think of focusing on three things. Those things are: visuals, spoken words, and music.

Visuals - One way to connect those who attend the funeral to the child is by having both a display table and a video of the child's life. Some of the things you might include on the display table are awards or trophies the child might have won, toys the child loved, school papers or works of art created by the child and objects from the child's hobbies. For example, if the child was a soccer player, a presentation the child's shoes, soccer ball, and the uniform he or she wore. Perhaps you could ask somebody close to the child to create a video of the child's life, including pictures from birth to present day. Don't forget photographs of friends. Setting the video to music is important. Consider songs like Somewhere Over The Rainbow and You Have A Friend In Me.

Spoken Words - Remember that those who speak at the funeral will have the responsibility of not only honoring the child but of bringing peace to those who love him or her. One person might give the eulogy, including birth dates, place of birth and other pertinent facts about the child's life. Another speaker, or several speakers, could share anecdotes about the child, Adding humorous stories will personalize the child and will bring a feeling of happiness amidst the sorrow that is present. Consider asking favorite teachers and special friends to share their memories of the deceased child. Another idea is for each family member to tell how his or her life was touched by the child.

Music - Music will play a big part in bringing a lovely spirit to the funeral. Think of songs that the child loved and include those in the service. If you belong to a church congregation, asking Sunday School children to sing would be very special. Another idea is to simply have a soloist sing. Abide By Me, 'Til We Meet Again and Amazing Grace are always good choices. Remember, though, that you can select any music that you think the family would love. For example, if the child loved Christmas music, that can be sung at any time of the year.

After the service is over, a very nice way to end things is by meeting outside the place where you hold the funeral and releasing balloons into the air, symbolizing the ascension of the child into heaven. Each person would be handed a balloon and would have the feeling of participating in a final act of saying goodbye to a precious child.

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