Funeral Flower Ideas That Are Distinctive, Yet Tasteful

At a time of loss, it can be tough to know what to send as a remembrance of the deceased. Flowers are always a welcome sentiment, bringing some color and life to the funeral or interment. Talk with florists about tasteful displays that are different than others and that will be suitable for such a solemn affair.

Some distinctive and appropriate flower ideas include:

Floral frames. Create floral frames to encircle a prized photo (or print) of the deceased. Give the florist the measurements of your framed photo, and they can construct a border of fresh greens and flowers that makes the perfect sentiment for a funeral or burial service.

Insignia wreaths. If the deceased was a member of an organization or community group, consider floral logos or insignia wreaths to send to the funeral. These are often propped on a wire stand that allows them to be displayed easily at a funeral home or burial site.

Illuminated displays. Another intriguing idea is to order floral sprays with mirrors or candle accents to symbolize light. The candles should be flameless, battery-operated ones. Consider floral picks with mirrored tile to tuck inside the blooms. These reflect in the lights of the venue and create a dazzling sight.

Living plants. Bring life from death by sending living plants and small trees to the family of the deceased. These can also be sent to a funeral home, like Meyers Funeral Home LTD, for a service. However, some funeral homes may not provide the service of planting the gift at the interment site. If the wish is for the tree to be planted at the cemetery, talk with cemetery staff about any guidelines and costs for this provision and service.

Whimsical arrangements. Talk to florists about using antique toys to serve as the vessel for your arrangement. These can be tucked with flowers to create a dramatic and sentimental display that will be different than any other arrangement at the service. You may need to provide the toy, and make sure that your florist receives it as early as possible.

Personal expressions. Go ahead and make a personal statement by tucking something in the arrangement that reflects the individual's passions or interests. For example, ask florists to create arrangements in the colors of a favorite sporting team or tuck trading cards, poker chips, golf balls, or other personal item in the arrangement before delivery.

Send a distinctive yet tasteful arrangement to express condolences at a time of loss. Use these ideas to work with florists to find the perfect sentiment and lasting remembrance to send to a funeral or burial. Contact funeral home staff to determine where and when to send flowers. 

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