Consider A Contemporary Cremation Urn If You Don't Like The Traditional Look

If your loved one has passed away and been cremated, you may be planning to keep his or her cremated remains in a prominent spot in your home. When many families select a cremation urn for their loved one's remains, they opt for something that looks traditional — a jug-style urn, for example, will often be made of china and may have intricate paint markings on it. This approach might not work for you, however, if you favor a modern design style in your home. In this case, a traditional urn will stand out for all the wrong reasons. The good news is that there are a number of contemporary urn styles that will better suit you. Here are some suggestions.


One option is to buy a cube-style urn for your loved one's cremated remains. This type of urn is often available in many contemporary styles. It may include wooden or metal components, and the latter may be done in a brushed aluminum style or a polished chrome style, for example. In either case, this type of urn can perfectly suit the overall design of a contemporary home. In fact, many people who visit your home won't even be able to tell that the object is an urn, as it may simply look like a modern piece of art.


Another contemporary type of urn to consider for your loved one's remains is a glass urn. Many companies produce decorative glass urns in vivid colors; if you've ever visited a higher-end home boutique and browsed the glass decorative pieces, this urn looks similar. With the cremated remains inside this urn, you can still use the urn as a decorative piece in a contemporary home, whether it's placed on a bookshelf under a recessed light or set on an end table. Given the variety of urns of this nature, you shouldn't have trouble finding one in a color that suits your home.


You may prefer a contemporary cremation urn shaped like a small statue. Unlike a traditional urn that clearly looks like an urn, a statue-style urn may initially appear as a decorative piece for your home. There are all sorts of urns of this nature — you may opt for some shaped like a heart, shaped like two hands holding a sphere, or even something abstract. Statue-style urns can be made out of different materials, including wood, porcelain, metal, and more, and can be an effective way to keep your loved one's cremated remains in your home.

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