Tips For Engraving A Loved One's Headstone For Marking Their Grave Location

Headstones are a traditional marker that is used to mark the location of a grave. Installing a custom engraved stone on a grave site is essential not only so current family members can locate the grave if they choose to visit, but also for future genealogical research purposes. Since your loved one's headstone is an important and long-living reminder of their life, you need to take some time to consider how you would like to have it engraved. If you are not familiar with headstone engraving, here are some tips to ensure that you understand your various options:

Tip: Start With a High-Quality Stone that Will Not Degrade in the Elements

While you may not have ever thought about stone materials degrading over time, most stones will eventually degrade when they are exposed to the elements year after year. For this reason, you should choose a very hard and non-porous stone for your loved one's headstone. Some good options are marble and quartz.

Choosing a headstone style that lays on the ground over one that stands upright will also ensure the stone lasts as long as possible. Upstanding stones are often toppled over by criminals or accidentally damaged by cemetery maintenance staff's equipment. 

Tip: Use a Classic Text Font and Simple Terms for the Headstone Engraving

No matter what words you decide to put on your loved one's headstone, it is advisable to use a classic text font that is easy to read. Since the English language changes over the years, you should use simple terms and standard formatting for the engraving to ensure that visitors hundreds of years from now will be able to easily read and understand what they see. For example, you should use the standard dating nomenclature of the current time, such as April 27, 2017. Using a different date format such as the one used in European countries will confuse future readers. 

Tip: Make Sure You Carefully Review the Mockup of the Headstone for Errors Before the Engraving Process Begins

Finally, when you order your loved one's headstone, you will be handed a mockup image of what information the stone engraver will be given to customize the stone. It is vital that you carefully review the mockup and check for any errors in the dates, spelling of names, or any quotes or other information you have included on the stone. If you do not change errors during the mockup process, then the stone will have errors that cannot be easily or inexpensively repaired. 

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