The Advantages Of Cremation Over A Traditional Burial

More people are expected to choose cremation over a traditional full-body burial soon. Those who select cremation may do it for convenience, cost or because it has elements that are eco-friendly. If you're working on your funeral pre-plan, here are some of the reasons you may want to make cremation part of your plan.

1. The cost of a cremation can be less than traditional burial.

This depends on other decisions you make. For example, the following choices will reduce the cost of your plan when you select cremation:

  • You elect to be cremated shortly after death and have your cremains placed in a simple container.
  • You skip a viewing with the embalming and restoration needed to prepare your body.
  • You have your cremains scattered at a favorite location negating the need for a cemetery plot or graveside service.

But if you choose to have a viewing of the body before you're cremated and elect to be buried in a full-sized casket in a cemetery plot, your costs may exceed that of a traditional burial. Work with the funeral home to make sure you understand how your choices affect the costs.

2. Scheduling will be easier for your family.

If you choose direct cremation shortly after you've passed away, your family can take their time organizing your final funeral wishes. They'll have more time to contact friends and families and people you would like to help with the funeral services. People who will be traveling a long distance to get to the funeral will also have more time to make plans.

3. Cremation offers some eco-friendly options.

For some people, it's important to impact the planet as little as possible when their final wishes are executed. Again, depending on your other choices, you can reduce the ecological impact of your funeral in a number of ways:

  • By skipping the viewing, you won't need to use the harsh embalming chemicals.
  • By using a small box to contain your cremains, you reduce the impact of a full-sized casket on hardwood forests.
  • By having your cremains scattered, you don't need to take up space in the cemetery.

4. Your family can get you home easier when you choose cremation.

If you pass away while away from home, it can be difficult and expensive for your family to get your body back home. This is especially the case should you be out of the country. If you allow yourself to be cremated where you pass away, your cremains can be shipped by a common delivery service to your family.

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