Planning Your Pre-Need: Getting Started With Your Pre-Need

It's impossible to avoid: death is a part of everyone's life. It may not be a pleasant subject of discussion, but it is important so your loved ones understand and have the financial means to fulfill your final wishes. From traditional funeral services and burials to cremation or an eco-friendly cemetery, the various options can be expensive and overwhelming to your loved ones. Thankfully, having a pre-need in place will protect your loved ones from confusion, stress, and financial despair. Using this guide, you can get started planning your pre-need. 

Choose your Funeral

When planning your pre-need, your first task is to choose your preferred type of burial. While surprising to hear, many options for memorials, burials, and cremations are available. However, choosing your preferred method is essential for determining the total cost of your final wishes.

Traditional funeral and burials are the most common option since they allow you and your loved ones pick and choose options such as caskets, in-ground burial or vault internment, and even transportation. Depending on the options you select, a traditional funeral and burial can cost between $5000 and $15,000.

If you prefer a less expensive option, consider a simple memorial service and cremation. If your religious beliefs prevent you from cremation, green burials are also affordable options.

Green burials focus on a few factors such as the use of non-toxic body preservation, green-certified cemeteries, and burial in a eco-friendly materials. While the number of natural burial grounds across the world is growing, you must research local, eco-friendly certified cemeteries to include in your pre-need.

Paying for Final Expenses

Once you understand how you want to lay your body to rest, you can determine the cost of these wishes. When planning your pre-need, be sure to include important documents and contact information to ensure your loved ones have the financial means to carry out your final wishes. To prepay for your pre-need, consider the following options:

  • Life Insurance – Be sure your life insurance policy is current and includes a sufficient amount of money to cover your final wishes and other expenses. Also, your policy should include the name and contact information of your beneficiary.
  • Funeral Insurance – In many cases, your life insurance will not cover the cost of your final expenses. Fortunately, funeral insurance will cover the costs if higher than your life insurance. This ensures your loved ones are not responsible for the excess charges.

Preparing for the end of your life may not seem appealing to you and your family. However, having a pre-need in place is imperative for the loved ones you leave behind. Using these tips, you can easily prepare your pre-need. 

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